Sports Injuries – Frisco, Plano TX
Injuries to foot and ankle are quite common in sports such as basketball, football, running, athletics, etc., where there is more stress on ankle and feet. It is important to treat these injuries to prevent further complications in future. Sportsperson suffering from such injuries can consult Dr Sarang Desai - a renowned foot and ankle surgeon in Frisco, for thorough diagnosis and treatment. Read on to know more about the common sports injuries treated by Dr Desai.

Ankle Sprains

Ankle Sprain is one of the most common injuries that occurs due to rolling or twisting of ankle. In this condition, the ligaments of ankle get torn or stretched. Depending upon how many ligaments are injured and how badly they are affected, the sprain may range in severity. The most common symptoms of sprained ankle are pain, bruises, and difficulty in walking. Foot and ankle doctors often recommend X-rays to diagnose the problem. For treatment, the doctors may suggest rest, use of an ankle brace, and certain medications to reduce the pain. Applying ice on the affected area at frequent intervals is effective in treating swelling. Surgery is recommended in severe cases.

Plantar Fasciitis

Another common foot injury involving inflammation and tearing of tissues is Plantar Fasciitis. Athletes with flat feet are more susceptible to this injury. The condition occurs when a sportsperson overstretches his foot or steps on hard object. It causes pain in the inner side of the bottom of the heel. The condition can be treated by simple measures such as stretching, ice, custom orthotics, and medication. If the condition does not improve with non-surgical methods, then surgery may be the last option.

Ankle Fracture

An ankle has three bones, the Tibia, Fibula, and Talus, injury to any of these three bones can lead to ankle fracture, which is painful condition. Often twisting and rolling of ankle during sports activities can lead to fracture. The symptoms of broken ankle include swelling, pain, bruising, tender to touch, and deformity. A fractured ankle is not able to support the body weight. Orthopedic doctors recommend X-ray to find out the severity of fracture. Treatment involves surgical repositioning of bone fragments. Screws and rods are used to keep the bones in position while healing.

Achilles Tendonitis

Sportsperson are at high risk of developing Achilles Tendonitis, which is characterized by an inflammation of tendon that go down to the back of lower leg. Injury of the tendon fibers due to a repeated activity can cause Achilles Tendonitis. For treating the condition, special shoes are recommended by foot and ankle specialists to reduce the stress on tendons. If the painful condition persists, then the patient may have to be treated surgically.

Morton’s Neuroma

This foot injury occurs due to thickening of nerve tissues in the ball of the foot. Any activity that repetitively irritates the ball of foot causes the condition. Sensation, foot pain, and numbness are usual symptoms. The treatment involves using shoe inserts that reduce pressure on the nerve, pain relievers, steroid injections, and in rare cases surgery.

Turf Toe

This injury is common among sportspersons who are involved in sports such as soccer, football, or any other game that requires kicking. When big toe strikes the ground, it may be injured due to tearing of ligaments. The big toe become inflamed and tender to touch and can be treated with ice, which helps in reducing the inflammation. An Orthopedic often suggests wearing hard-soled shoes and rest.  The patients are prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs to get relief.

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