Ankle Instability – Plano, TX
Dr. Sarang Desi is a board certified trained orthopedic surgeon practicing in Plano, TX. He is recognized for providing specialized surgical and non- surgical treatment for foot and ankle related problems.

Ankle Instability

Ankle instability is characterized by frequent giving away of the ankle while walking, running or even standing. This condition develops mainly after recurring sprains in the foot and is accompanied by inflammation and pain. Based on the severity of damage the condition can be classified into two types-
  • Acute Ankle Instability
  • Chronic Ankle Instability

Cause Of Ankle Instability

Sprain causes the ligaments in the ankle to stretch and tear, that affects its ability to balance. In order to regain its strength, proper rehabilitation is required. When the ankle is not allowed to heal, it leads to further weakening of the ligaments leading to recurring sprains, which cause ankle instability and other related problems.

Symptoms Of Ankle Instability
  • Incessant inward turning of the ankle especially over uneven surfaces
  • Dull aching pain on the outside of the ankle
  • Tenderness and swelling

Diagnosis Of Ankle Instability

  • The orthopedic doctor may begin by asking questions regarding previous injuries and then conduct a thorough physical examination. In this the doctor may check patient’ s lateral side ankle tenderness and  range of motion, with the help of provocative tests such as anterior drawer testing ( to check the stability of anterior talofibular ligament) and the talar tilt ( to determine the ankle stability ) test.
  • If the orthopedic doctor suspects a major injury, he may recommend certain imaging tests such as, X-ray, MRI or CT Scans.

Treatment For Ankle Instability

Non- surgical treatment –

  • Physical therapy - This comprises of a set of exercises that may help in regaining the ankle’s balance and lost range of motion.
  • Braces – Extra support like wearing braces may be recommended to prevent the ankle from turning frequently and speed up the recovery process.
  • Medication –The orthopedic doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and pain relieving medicines to alleviate the affliction.
  •  Rest – Proper rest may help the ligaments to heal and regain their strength.
  • Compression – Using elastic or ice wraps may be suggested by the doctor to reduce inflammation.

Surgical treatment –
  • In severe cases the orthopedic surgeon may recommend a surgery, in which he may reconstruct the damaged ligaments. For this the doctor makes a C or a J shaped incision outside the ankle and then tightens the damaged ligaments using stiches.  The orthopedic surgeon may use tendons to reconstruct the ligaments as well.

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